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Web North East is web development and design organisation that has been around since 1997.


There can be many requirements for web development or even web design and everyone is unique.  For this reason every site is built to suit your needs. It is important to make sure that your site matches your company or just what you are trying to convey and this is where WebNE can help.  Functionality also plays an important part and WebNE works very closely with you to ensure you get what is required.  If WebNE hosts your website it will also come with a free SSL certificate (this makes your website secure), this also aids in Google rankings.

Full / Partial website development

Full / Partial website development

Database Optimisation

Database Optimisation

Bespoke code development

Bespoke code development

Add CMS to existing website

Add CMS to existing website

Mobile friendly

All websites created are made as mobile friendly as possible. WebNE makes use of the Bootstrap framework in order to achieve this. In this day and age having your website mobile friendly is a must. More and more people are now accessing websites via their mobile devices. Making your website mobile friendly should be near the top of your to do list.  Google now ranks your website higher, if it is mobile friendly.

Web site compliance

WebNE prides itself on being able to make most of the websites it develops, compliant to the W3C latest standards for HTML5, HTML, XHTML and CSS.  WebNE also takes the time to ensure your website is accessible for people with various disabilities, including readability by screen readers, colour blindness, the provision of text equivalents for all images, animated elements, audio and video displays all of which is becoming more and more important these days. It follows the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Tables are NOT used to build the layout of the website as they slow down the page load.  All sites are designed with cascading style sheet or CSS for short, this makes pages load much quicker.

Content Management System

With most of WebNE sites a Content Management System (CMS) is provided free of charge (this depends on your hosting package as a database is required).  The CMS was built in house so if it needs any customization, this will not be a problem.  The CMS is there to make it simple for you to keep your website pages up to date without having to worry about knowing anything about web design or development.  All training will be provided, although the system is self explanatory and very simple to use.  The CMS allows for the management of page content, images, image resizing, and documents amongst other things.


If you need a database WebNE makes use of either MySQL or MsSQL, the choice is yours and it all depends on where you host your website.  The database will be fully optimised to ensure that the website loads as fast as possible.

How do I think WebNE is different?

Once the work is done it is not just a case of WebNE saying there the work is done, goodbye.  No WebNE stays on hand to help you in any way they can.  Having a long term customer is just as important to WebNE as a new one.

To WebNE doing a good job is not good enough, doing a superb job is. It's a matter of just going that extra step to make a difference. As we all know each site is unique and getting something off the shelf doesn't work for everyone, so that is where WebNE comes in. From simple web design to e-commerce websites WebNE can do it.

For a job well done

Is WebNE's motto, so for all your web development needs, you need not look any further.

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