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About me as a web developer

My name is Martin and I am a freelance web developer or web design depending on what term you are familiar with.  I am based in the North east of England. This has not stopped me working all over the country and in some cases abroad. I’ve been developing websites, applications for longer than 10 years now. I develop using the most common web development languages ASP.NET, PHP or even the classical ASP.

I started off as an application developer using Microsoft Visual Basic (3), but later moved into ASP development and PHP development as the Internet is the way forward.

I am a Master Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)

Skill set break down

  • ASP.NET (c#)
  • PHP development
  • Classic ASP development
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS / CSS3)
  • XML
  • Javascript (JQuery)
  • Ajax
  • Json
  • Flash (intermidiate)
  • Making site A-AAA compliant, WAI
  • Making sites Mobile Friendly using Bootstrap
  • Databases both MsSQL and MySQL development
  • SQL query langauge
  • IIS

Why H2O

If you are wondering why I opted for the name of H2O Developments, well I'll tell you.  As we all know water (H2O) is very fluid and flexible in its liquid state and that's how I like to see myself, very flexible, fluid and dynamic in my approach to every piece of work I undertake.

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